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Thread: how to insert calc fields in a pivot table
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    Default how to insert calc fields in a pivot table

    I have a pivot table with a ****load of fields. It would help if I could insert calculation fields within the pivot itself rather than doing it externally.

    With the data below I'd like to create a field which shows the Profit per Order and the Shipping Cost per Order.

    I went to the Analyze tab, Fields Items and Sets, Calculated Field, so I think I got that part handled. But evidently something didn't work there. When I tried to find the Shipment Cost / Order, the numbers should be $31K divided by 400 orders, but for some reason the result I got was 5. Not sure what I did wrong.

    Is there a way to see what's being calculated?

    Province # of Orders Shipping Cost Profit
    ON 50 $500 $20
    PQ 20 $300 $10

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    Default Re: how to insert calc fields in a pivot table

    Is that table how your data is set out? It should be just as you said Shipping Cost/Number of orders. Make sure all your numbers are indeed numbers and not text.
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