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Thread: Help, i'm stumped
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    Default Help, i'm stumped

    Just looking for a little help with this formula as I cant seem to get it to work. Basically I'm looking to return an F if the "PP - 3" is greater than 0. Returning a P if "pp - 1" + "PP - 2" is greater than 0 and if when you add all three together it returns a 0 then leave the cell bank.

    If there are results greater than 0 in the first two calculations, then the F overrides the P.

    Here is what I have so far.

    =IF(COUNTIFS(BPA!AK:AK,BN$4,BPA!AU:AU,$G8,BPA!$BF:$BF,"**PP - 3**") > 0, "F", IF(SUM(COUNTIFS(BPA!AK:AK,BN$4,BPA!AU:AU,$G8,BPA!$BF:$BF,"**PP - 1**")+(COUNTIFS(BPA!AK:AK,BN$4,BPA!AU:AU,$G8,BPA!$BF:$BF,"**PP - 2**")) > 0, "P", IF(SUM(COUNTIFS(BPA!AK:AK,BN$4,BPA!AU:AU,$G8,BPA!$BF:$BF,"**PP - 1**")+COUNTIFS(BPA!AK:AK,BN$4,BPA!AU:AU,$G8,BPA!$BF:$BF,"**PP - 2**")+COUNTIFS(BPA!AK:AK,BN$4,BPA!AU:AU,$G8,BPA!$BF:$BF,"**PP - 3**")) = 0, "")))

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Help, i'm stumped

    Welcome to the Board!

    How about:

    =MID(" PPFFF",SUMPRODUCT(--(COUNTIFS(BPA!AK:AK,BN$4,BPA!AU:AU,$G8,BPA!$BF:$BF,{"**PP - 3**","**PP - 1**","**PP - 2**"})>0),{3,1,1})+1,1)

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