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Thread: VBA Macro link to daily report
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    Default VBA Macro link to daily report

    Dear Forum,

    I need a little wisdom here please. I have managed to create a working Marco that filters, formats, deletes etc. a worksheet report.

    The Marco name is: Daily_Report_Filter

    Each day we need to pull a report, the report data and structure is always the same but the file name changes. For example today's file is named: Daily_Report_2019091712345

    What I would like to do, which is where I am struggling, is to have an open blank worksheet with a button containing my macro. When the report is pulled the button can be pressed and the report worksheet gets filtered. I know how to assign the macro to the button but I have no idea how I can make the button filter the daily report worksheet.

    Is this possible please? I'm sure it is but I have not been able to find anything that matches in the forum or on the internet.

    Kind Regards


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    Default Re: VBA Macro link to daily report

    Hi Dave,
    if I understand your problem correctly: you have a file macro_file.xlsm and somewhere else a daily_report_20190917etc.xlsm ? What you would then probably want in your macro_file workbook is a cell where you can put in the date of the daily report you want to pull, open that file into your macro_file workbook and filter it? If you have some code, please do post it with your answer.
    You can't post attachments here, but you can help me helping you by posting a screen shot directly in your post with any of those tools.
    Otherwise use dropbox/google drive/etc to get your file accross (not preferred). For code, put it inside these tags: [ CODE][/CODE]. Do check the forum rules.
    Finally, please show that you made an effort to solve your problem: Yes, I like to help, but am not going to do your job.

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