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Thread: Need formula for Point spread
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    Default Need formula for Point spread

    Need a formula for the following:

    Sales goal 77% 300 points to spread amongst 4 employees based on results

    Emp #1 Actual - 83%
    Emp #2 Actual - 80%
    Emp #3 Actual - 78%
    Emp #4 Actual - 69%

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    Default Re: Need formula for Point spread

    Figuring out the split after the fact will only cause dissent among the 4 involved and any other employees. Since it was not decided prior to the results, I would give each 75 points.

    Determining point division ahead of time could be rationalized to any of a number of ways to divide the 300 points:
    Highest getting all of it
    Even spit between all
    Employees above 50% splitting 150 points equally and the balance distributed based on how far above half of goal (33/110,30/110,28/110,19/110)
    Below goal getting none and splitting the points among the others 3 based on how far over the goal they were (6/10, 3/10, 1/10)

    Each choice would put different pressures on the company/employee and the owner(s) would have to decide how they wanted their company to present to the world.

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