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Thread: SUM Time IF various conditions met
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    Default SUM Time IF various conditions met

    So i have 2 seperate data exports

    1 - Shows a unique ID matching a name with a date of the day they are in work, i.e ROW 1 ID 1235 - John Smith - 11/09/2019, then ROW 2 ID 1235 John Smith 12/09/2019 and so on for weeks ROW 3,4,5,6,

    2 - This export shows the same ID 1235 John Smith - but may contain various entries for John Smith like this

    A2 = 01/09/2019 08:00 and B2 = 20/09/2019 16:00

    So what i need to do is on export 1 - show on each the 11/09/2019 how many hours was John On Holiday, but when i arrive at the Row for 20/09/2019 this should only count upto 4pm, not just 24 hours like the rest

    and export 1 contains multiple names and export 2 contains multiple variations in absence, half days, full days etc...

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