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Thread: Conditional Format only certain Rows in Pivot
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    Default Conditional Format only certain Rows in Pivot

    I have a simple Pivot:
    Jan Feb
    Employee 1 100 100
    Project 1 60 70
    Project 2 40 30
    Employee 2 90 100
    Project 5 90 10
    Project 8 0 90

    Where employees are assigned a % of their time each month to a project.

    Question: How do I conditionally format only the Employee row with values <100 WITHOUT formatting the Project rows?


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    Default Re: Conditional Format only certain Rows in Pivot

    You mentioned that the numbers were percentages so I have assumed that where you show 100 or 60 the actual values are 1 or 0.6 etc. If not hopefully you can adapt this.

    CF Pivot

    1EmployeeProjectMonthPercentage Sum of PercentageColumn Labels
    2Employee 1Project 2Jan40% Row LabelsJanFebGrand Total
    3Employee 2Project 1Feb Employee 190%100%190%
    4Employee 1Project 1Feb100% Project 150%100%150%
    5Employee 2Project 1Feb20% Project 240% 40%
    6Employee 1Project 1Jan Employee 2100%20%120%
    7Employee 2Project 2Jan80% Project 120%20%40%
    8Employee 1Project 1Jan50% Project 280% 80%
    9Employee 2Project 2Feb Grand Total190%120%310%
    10Employee 1Project 2Jan
    11Employee 2Project 1Feb
    12Employee 1Project 1Feb
    13Employee 2Project 1Feb
    14Employee 1Project 1Jan
    15Employee 2Project 2Jan
    16Employee 2Project 1Jan20%
    17Employee 2Project 2Feb

    Conditional formatting
    CellNr.: / ConditionFormat
    H31. / Formula is =AND(H3<1,ISNUMBER(MATCH($G3,$A$2:$A$17,0)))Abc

    Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4
    Hope this helps, good luck.
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