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Thread: Exit main macro if frmMsgBox equals no, else run main macro
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    Default Exit main macro if frmMsgBox equals no, else run main macro

    I have a large main macro. I would like for the very first thing it does is to call a custom msg box that will ask the user whether or not they wish to exit the macro, or if they wish to continue.
    If they wish to exit, I need to exit out of the custom msgbox sub AND also out of the main macro.
    If they wish to continue, then I need to leave the custom msgbox and continue through the main macro.
    This is what I've cobbled together from several sources:

     Sub frmMsgBoxWCE()Dim myForm As frmCustomMsgBox
      Set myForm = New frmCustomMsgBox
      myForm.Caption = "West Complex  Unit E  Staff Callout"
            Select Case myForm.Tag
              Case 1
                GoTo lbl_Exit
              Case 2
              Exit Sub
            End Select
            'End If
        Unload myForm
        Set myForm = Nothing
    Exit Sub
    End Sub
    Case 1 (the "I wish to exit") is button 1 on my form.
    Case 2 (the "I wish to continue") is button 2 on my form.

    I hope this makes sense to someone. I have my fingers crossed...and I'll eat another cookie as moral support.


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    Default Re: Exit main macro if frmMsgBox equals no, else run main macro

    You could put everything inside the userform code module. This example has a Lable and the two command buttons.

    ' in code module for frmCustomMessageBox
    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
        Rem cancel button
        Unload Me
    End Sub
    Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
        Rem OK button
        Me.Tag = "OK"
    End Sub
    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
        Rem these can be set at design time (or passed as arguments to the Value property)
        Me.Caption = "West Complex  Unit E  Staff Callout"
        Me.CommandButton1.Caption = "Cancel"
        Me.CommandButton2.Caption = "OK"
    End Sub
    Public Function Value(Optional Prompt As String) As VbMsgBoxResult
        With Me
            .Label1 = Prompt
        End With
        With frmCustomMessageBox
            If .Tag = "OK" Then
                Value = vbOK
                Value = vbCancel
            End If
        End With
        Unload frmCustomMessageBox
    End Function
    It would be called from the main routine like this

    If frmCustomMessageBox.Value("Shall I Continue?") = vbCancel Then Exit Sub
    Note that pressing the corner X is the same as Cancel button.

    Also, you can pass other arguments to the Value property depending on how custom you want the message box.
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