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Thread: Adding Criteria with DSum
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    Default Adding Criteria with DSum

    Good Morning,

    I have an extensive data set. Within the data set, one column has date and one column has time (both formatted as such).
    On another page/tab, I have a series of dsum formulas that add various columns from the data set. One of those formulas is below. I used to use the formula to add all data that fell within the date range specified in A16:B17 but I'd like to change this to now include times. So, the new formula should find all data within the specified date and time and add it. I'm not sure how to do this- my initial idea was to add a column in the data set for combined date and time but that hasn't seemed to have worked. Thanks.

    Formula: =DSUM('VOYAGE DATA'!$A:$CY,"ME MGO",A14:B15)
    A14 is "Date"
    A15 is >8/31/2019 12:00 PM
    B14 is "Date"
    B15 is <=10/01/2019 12:00 PM

    And currently "Date" is a column heading in the data set and "Time" is another column heading.
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    Default Re: Adding Criteria with DSum


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