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Thread: VLOOKUP then return date between two dates

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    Default VLOOKUP then return date between two dates

    Hi all,

    I need to do a VLOOKUP combined with a way to get a value association between two dates.

    On the left hand side is the range where authorization IDs and effective/expiration dates are. On the right hand side is where a lot of data will be with names, service dates, and a column to find the applicable ID for that service date. So if Frank Smith has a service date of between 2/14/19 and 7/13/19, it needs to return "2199"

    I'm able to get the date between two dates given the Service Date from the article here ( but I need to also include the Name of the person.

    A B C D E F G H I
    1 Name Effective Date Expiration Date ID Service Name Service Date Lookup ID
    2 Frank Smith 2/14/19 7/13/19 2199 Frank Smith 6/20/19 2199
    3 Frank Smith 7/14/19 12/20/2020 2200 Frank Smith 6/29/19 2199
    4 Frank Smith 7/12/19 2199
    5 Frank Smith 7/13/19 2199
    6 Frank Smith 7/14/19 2200
    7 Frank Smith 7/18/19 2200
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    Default Re: VLOOKUP then return date between two dates

    Try this

    1NameEffective DateExpiration DateID  Service NameService DateLookup ID
    2Frank Smith14/feb/201913/jul/20192199  Frank Smith20/jun/20192199
    3Frank Smith14/jul/201920/dic/20202200  Frank Smith29/jun/20192199
    4      Frank Smith12/jul/20192199
    5      Frank Smith13/jul/20192199
    6      Frank Smith14/jul/20192200
    7      Frank Smith18/jul/20192200

    Regards Dante Amor

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