Hello all,

I have 6 different Excel workbook templates and they all have identical command bars on which are buttons, 2 of which I've done macros for (to clarify, this I work at a school and each workbook represents a different subject: English, The Arts, etc.) So the object of each workbook is to cut and paste data from each subject onto a "My Class" worksheet page (there's one in each book). What I have done is copied my 'CutPaste' Macro to "This workbook" in each case, but I am still running into trouble where If i have just used the technology workbook, then I go to the Science Workbook, it wants to use the "Technology" cut and paste instead of the Science Cut and Paste.

As I am working out glitches in the code etc and maybe using a test document which I may then delete, if the test doc was the last thing open then it will give me a message saying 'can't find xlTest!CutPaste' or whatever it is.

What is the best way for me to do this?I have actually copied the code to each individual book, but it doesn't seem to matter.

Thanks for any help!