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Thread: Mistype error message

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    I have a function which passes in three reference values
    Private Function CommonRow(ByRef iArrayi()
    As Long, _
    ByRef iArrayj() As Long, _
    ByRef iArrayk() As Long) As Long

    Inside the function, I want to do a if...else
    loop with condition like when iArrayi()doesn't exist, iArrayj() doesn't exist or iArrayk() doesn't exist

    So I put

    If Not iArrayi() Is Nothing Then

    But I got an error message "Mistype" when I run the macro

    Could someone please help me

    Thanks in advance

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    If you mean that you want to know if an array has been passed as an argument or not, the code should be:

    Private Function CommonRow(Optional iArrayi()
    As Long, _
    iArrayj() As Long, _
    iArrayk() As Long) As Long

    and then you can test whether an array argument is missing:

    If IsMissing(iArrayi) Then ...

    I also eliminated the ByRef keywords because ByRef is the default for arrays.

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