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Thread: calculating portfolio sheet

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    I currently have two sheets with data in my "stocks" workbook.
    on sheet1 i have ten columns:
    merged (a1:e1) cells --- named "buy" and
    merged (f1:j1) cells --- with name "sell".
    in "buy" section(a2:e35): a2 - date, b2 - name, c2 - buy price, d2 - number, e2 - total buy; (a3:e35 -buy data);
    "sell" section(f2:f28): f2 - date, g2 - name, h2 - sell price, i2 - number, j2 - total sell, (f3:j28 - sell data).

    and on sheet2 i have my current portfolio.

    what i need to do is the following: assume that in 20.02.2002 i bought 1000 shares of msft and
    in 25.02.2002 i sold 700. is there any way to send automatically the name and the number of shares remained (in this case 300 msft) to sheet2. if i buy a new share i also want to send the name and the number of shares to sheet2 and if i sell all shares i want the share name and the numbers to be deleted from sheet2.
    can you help me?

    thank you.

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    can't anyone help?

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    hi, have you gotten anywhere with this? I am after a similar thing i think...


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