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Thread: Run-time error '1004'

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    when I run the code that displays my userform to insert, update and delete items from a database, i receive the following message:
    Run-time error '1004'
    (Application-defined or object-defined error).
    I have checked my spelling of all ranges and cannot figure out where my problem is.
    I would appreciate any assistance. The error is generated when the following subroutine is called:
    .tbxNewDest.Value = Range("Database").Cells(iRowNumber, 1)
    .tbxCutOff.Value = Range("Database").Cells(iRowNumber, 2)
    .tbxNewAirline.Value = Range("Database").Cells(iRowNumber, 3)
    .tbxNewFlttime.Value = Range("Database").Cells(iRowNumber, 4)

    Thnaks, John

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    Error 1004 is often caused by the protection of a sheet.
    Could it be that you have Protection ON in your worksheet? If so, you could use Protection with UserInterfaceOnly and you won't have this problem.

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