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Thread: How to enter a link path in one of the cells in a worksheet

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    I created a workbook that use data from another workbook (Data Workbook). The Data Workbook name is changing from time to time. I'm using the Edit/Link/Change Source to update the new link

    1. Is there a way to automate the change link procedure ?
    2. Is there a way to have the updated link be sored in one of the the spreadsheet cells (as a formula or a link) that will reflect the actual link ?

    Thanks, Nehemia

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    You could place some code like below in the Private module of the Workbook Object. Right click on the Excel icon, top left next to file and select "View Code" Then paste in this:

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    Dim strOldName As String
    Dim strNewName As String
    strOldName = WorksheetFunction.Substitute(Me.Name, ".xls", "")
    strNewName = Sheet1.Cells(1, 1)

    ThisWorkbook.ChangeLink Name:=strOldName, NewName:=strNewName, _
    End Sub

    It looks in cell A1 of sheet1 for a FULL path, eg


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