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Thread: Calculate kilometres per hour

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    I know this is probably really simple but I an unable to do it so
    I am pleading for help.

    I have a start time, say 9am
    I have a finish time, say 10:27:15 am
    and I have a distance 54km

    I now wish to put that information into a spreadsheet
    and have it give me time and km/hr

    I have put the start and finish times in formatted the cells to
    time and just subtracted 1 from the other, easy answer = 1:27:15
    now I also have in a cell somewhere on the sheet the distance of
    that race.

    Could someone please tell me how I can have excel calculate the
    km/hr as well

    thankyou in advance


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    If your time is in cell F7 and your distance in cel F6, use:


    and foramt as number

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