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Thread: Limiting my users freedom!

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    Have created a workbook where my users can select year, month, day etc via drop down lists and press different buttons to get certain charts presented. I don't want the users to be able too see anything but the sheets containing the charts and buttons.

    How I protect my workbook so the users can only use the prepared dropdown lists and buttons (not editing anything themselves!). I don't want them to be able so save, type or anything but still want my macros to be able to execute, create charts etc.. Any ideas how to do this?

    Thanks in Advance / Jokklas.

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    Protecting each of your worksheets (make sure the cells are formatted as locked) with a passsword will prevent users from modifying them. Protecting your workbook will prevent them adding, deleting or moving sheets around. You can also protect and share the workbook, so that if anyone does manage to make a change, you have a history of who does what and you can also lock the VBA project for viewing. HTH.

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