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Thread: Rank Function Problem

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    On 2002-03-09 15:28, JohnJay wrote:
    I saw that when I tired your code out. I think the latter one would be the best thing for a growing worksheet. I will make a small area in the depts of the sheet, say around IV65536, to store those formulas. It will make them safe from overwrites and accidents...LOL. But I would like to intialize a sheet on startup to contain the rank formula from row 1 all the way to row 65536...this way I dont need to use the fill button at all.

    John, I see your concern. However, don't please fill up up to row 65536. It will make your WB crowl. I'd suggest you start a new thread in which you ask for VBA code that copies an array formula down to the last row of data in a certain column automatically whenever the data change. I'm not sure whether that's possible -- I'd say: post, wait, and see.


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    I see what you mean. Maybe I could just intialize a newly inserted row, and if any new data is entered in an existing blank row, initialize that too.

    That may be a better choice than copying formulas too the 65536 row...LOL

    I will have to sleep on it. Thanks for your help aladin. Tomorrow I will give it some more thought and let you know...Thanks again


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