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Thread: Updating Excel info through Access

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    I am trying to create an interface in MS Access to easily update an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is already linked to the Access database. However, any updates that are made in the Access database, result in what I guess is data coruption as the Excel file will no longer open. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    You'll need to provide a few more details. How exactly is the Access database updating your Excel workbook? Is this 'on-line' or at a certain interval. VBA or not? If so, can you provide code, if not, can you provide details of the link between Excel and Access?


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    The database and the spreadsheet are both on a network drive. The spreadsheet was originally created in Excel and then Linked to Access for ease of reporting. No additional code was created. The spreadsheet was simply linked to Access using the link spreadsheet wizard.

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    Also, the data in Excel is periodically udated manually. When the link in Access is opened, the new data is refreshed in the Access database automatically by viewing the linked Excel file. Any data manipulation in the database is not carried back to the spreadsheet however.

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