I have a spread sheet("balance sheet")that has a list of numbers in column A from 1 to 9000. Part of the project has a userform that has the following code:

Private Sub CommandButton3_Click()
Sheets("BALANCE SHEET").Select
Selection.EntireRow.Hidden = True
For Each C In Worksheets("BALANCE SHEET").Range("a1:a10000") ' Adjust your range if necessary
If C.Value = ActiveWorkbook.CustomDocumentProperties("list").Value Then
Selection.EntireRow.Hidden = False
End If
Next C
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=-1
End Sub

Private Sub deletebutton_click()
If ListBox2.ListIndex = -1 Then Exit Sub
ListBox2.RemoveItem ListBox2.ListIndex
End Sub
Private Sub addbutton_click()
Dim i As Integer
For i = 0 To ListBox2.ListCount - 1
If ListBox1.Value = ListBox2.List(i) Then
Exit Sub
End If
Next i
ListBox2.AddItem ListBox1.Value
End Sub

Private Sub ListBox2_Click()
ActiveWorkbook.CustomDocumentProperties("list").Value = ListBox2.AddItem

End Sub

Ok, The user chooses an item from listbox1(Using the rowsource prop. from "balance sheet"), then clicks the add button so that his choice appears in listbox2. This works. Next upon the user clicking the "OK" commandbutton3_click(), the sheet"balance sheet" is selected(shown) and hides 9,137 rows, then shows the one row that was selected from listbox2 using the Custom Document Properties. This doesnt work?? I know its the code- but Im not sure of three things: Is this the right way to go about this task, If it is then how do you show the value in the custom documents properties so that the code can get the value and last, Im going to let the user choose more than one item to be put into listbox2, therefor more than one row will have to be unhidden upon clicking commandbutton3. Can anyone sugest something? Thankyou.