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Thread: IF/AND statements with VBA in XL97

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    Hello. I have a problem that I can't seem to figure out.

    I am using a userform through VBA to insert a value into a cell. In an adjacent cell I use a if/and statement to determine whether or not the number fits into certain ranges. Depending on the number, the cell is given a text value. The following is an example:

    In cell A1:
    1.8 (enter there though the userform)

    In cell A2:

    =IF(AND(0.002>A1, A1>0),"CLAY",IF(AND(0.074>A1, A1>0.002),"SILT",IF(AND(5>A1,A1>0.074),"SAND",IF(AND(A1>=5,"GRAVEL","ERROR!!!"))))

    Before running the VBA code, cell A1 has no value (is blank), and thus cell A2 shows 'ERROR!!!'

    But, when I run the VBA code and insert the number into A1 (thus updating the cell), cell A2 does not update! It continues to show 'ERROR!!!'. Now, if I manually enter the value afterwards, it changes to the proper text (ie. if A1=1.8, A2 = "SAND").

    I'm stuck as to how to make the text in A2 update when A1 is changed through coding. I know that formulas/calculations automatically change when a refering cell is changed, but does the same apply to if/and functions?

    Thanks a bunch for any help.
    Corey D.

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    There is no reason why your formula shoudn't update, as long as you have Calculation in Auto! You could use:
    To force a calculation, but you have a problem elsewhere!

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    I figured out my problem.

    When I was setting the cell to be equal to the value from the textbox in my userform, I didn't use the Val statement to make sure it was pasting it as a number and not text.

    This didn't work:

    Selection.Value = EnteredNumber

    But this did:

    Selection.Value = Val(EnteredNumber)

    Thanks for taking the time to read and check the formula!

    Corey D.

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