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Thread: Pivot Table using filtered data

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    Default Pivot Table using filtered data

    Good evening Guys and Girls

    I have a pivot table that uses a dynamic range as its data source.
    I do not always want all of the data in the range to be pivoted so I applied a filter to the data.

    The dynamic range works fine but the pivot table uses all of the data on the sheet and not just the filtered data.

    What am I doing wrong?

    DO I need to use an advanced filter and copy the data to be pivoted to another sheet and use a dynamic range there?

    I'm sorry but I'm off to bed now (22:45 GMT) and will probably dream about this problem so any help that you can give me will
    be much appreciated for my health service project oh so near to completion.


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    Default Wish this help

    I think when you filter out the data it actually just hide the row which data you dont' want to see. For the Privotable the range is still as you decide.
    I dont' kwno how is your table setup but you could add more condition as filter for the privotable. I wish this help you. Or otherwise as you said copy the data you want in a new sheet and do teh dynamic range.

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