I am new to the world of VB and excel marcos. Have gotten allot of really good ideas from this forum in a very short time. My problem is I am setting up a series of workbooks for cost estimating. Each work book is the same in format but has different cost info for different bid items. What I am trying to do is have one workbook that the basic project info can be entered into and then a save as macro is ran that saves the workbook to as different file name in a specified directory. This file name and path would be in another workbook. Here is were I am having problems I can get the workbook to save to a specified path and file name from a sheet in the active workbook, but I don't want that info copied across as many as 60 different workbooks. I can not firgure out the code to tell excel to look into a different workbook, have one cell sepecifing the path and a series of other cells with the various file names. Using code I have gotten off of the forum I have made some head way at this but I have hit a brick wall. So any help would be much apreciated.
Also I would like to get more familiar with VB as it pertains to Excel macros and Acess. Does anyone know of a good reference book out the for writing code?

As said before any help on this would be much appreciated.