Firstly, we must say "thank you" to Mark W and AudioJoe for helping us "create" a user form with Excel (TAB function post).

To expand on our user form idea: Our users now fill out relevant fields in the form (i.e. Company name, Quote date, Quote # and cost) and send it back to us via e-mail.

We then manually input their data (responses) into a User summary spreadsheet for accurate comparison.

Is their a function (import? lookup? if-then? macro?) which will allow us to "automate" this process? It's our hope that the user's entries could / would automatically populate the user summary page through a serious of FUNCTIONS. Is this possible?

The goal here is to reduce / eliminate the need for individual data entry into the user summary sheet. This will save us valuable time and reduce data entry errors.

If this is an impossible task, then please accept our apologies in advance. Otherwise, we look forward to any assistance that can be given.

Thanks in advance,