KE - I am setting up a complete accounts; stock and cash-flow Excel based system for my local corner store.

I have a work book called "Product_File" which has the headings ---- Product ID (the EAN) --- Product Description -- Pack Size --- Shipped As ( number of units in the outer) --- Opening Stock --Add Purchases -- Less Sold --- Net Stock --- Unit Price -- VAT (if applicable) Stock Value

When the store owner gets a new product line I would like him to be able to input that data directly to the appropriate worksheet -

In the Stock workbook the Worksheets are: Perishables - Tinned goods - Frozen Goods - Confectionary - Soft Drinks -- Sundies--

What code do I have to write to get new product info from the NEW PRODUCT INPUT FORM to a new line in the appropriate worksheet???

Many thanks in advance for your help