Hello all,

I want Excel to calculate for me how many weekdays there is in a period in every months. I have a scenario where I have a weekly event at a specific weekday and I would like to specify a period (a lower limit and a higher limit, but both dates are the same day of week).

For example: The period is 2002-01-01 (Tuesday) to 2002-02-12 (Tuesday).

If I type this period in two columns, I would like to have 12 more columns (one for each month) in which there is a formula automaticly calculating for me that for this period there is 5 Tuesdays in January and 2 Tuesdays in February and presenting them under January and February seperately.

This need to work for all weekdays of course and regardless the length of the period.

Anyone got any ideas I would be most grateful!

Marcus Karlsson