I've just done a helpful module as a favour for a collegue and there are several things that happened.

1)I sent him the first version, assigned the macro to a toolbar button etc. for him on his machine, then when i sent him a new updated version of the XLCode.xls file, when he opened it, it was still running the old version of the Macro! (of course, the new version which i simply copied the macro over and given it a new name XLCode1 and it took me a while to figure out that i need to re-assign the button to the new version of the macro,,, ok that's one thing,,,

2) Then he dissappeared for a while,,, i knew where he went, he went to the chap who had asked for the macro in the first place so i sauntered along there and sure enough they had run the macro and were annalysing the results but there was no button on the chaps toolbar,, he had simply run the macro from the menu bar and had bypassed my UserForm1 screen and the chap didn't even know i was the one who wrote the macro,,, until i told him

My point here is that it would be great to be able to email these Macro's to people so that they would install themselves how 'I' want them to install and automatically overwrite older versions (with permission of course),,,
I'd even like to be able to put a time limit on them so that the user must check back with me to get the latest version of the macro.

Does anyone have any thoughts along these lines?