I am feeling really stupid this morning.

VBA on my Excel 2002 machine lets me add a reference to "Microsoft ADO Ext 2.7 for DDL & Security" along with several other references. For example, there is a reference to Microsoft Office 10.0 Object library.

When I take this workbook to my Excel 2000 machine, most of the references update just fine - Excel is smart enough to substitute th Microsoft Office 9.0 Object library, etc.,

Except it says that Microsoft ADO Ext 2.7 is missing.

If I start a new workbook on the Excel 2000 machine, I can add a reference to Microsoft ADO Ext 2.5 without a problem. It points to a 181K file, dated June 8 2000 called MSADOX.DLL.

I think this is the problem: On the Excel 2002 machine, ADOX 2.7 also points to MSADOX.DLL, but it is a 176K file from 8/18/2001.

Is the fact that the old and new version of this reference point to the same DLL causing the problem?

Also, while the Excel 2000 reports as ADOX 2.7 as missing, it no longer has ADOX 2.5 in the list of available references.

Am I going crazy?