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Thread: Help Required.

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    Is it possible to dynamically create a function in a cell?

    I know that it is possible to do this for simple functions such as:

    ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=COS(8)"

    will set the cell to =COS(8)

    However, I would like to make cell A2 contain the function:


    Where I control MyFile.xls via a variable or another cells contents.

    I have been able to make the cell contents equal the following TEXT:


    where MyFile.xls is actually the contents of another cell.
    However, this is just text as there is no '=' sign to make it a function.

    I can manually select the cell and add the '=' sign and it will work as I want it. Unfortunately, i can't seem to do this automatically.

    Any bright ideas people?

    Many Thanks.

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    Can anyone help on this?

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    On 2002-03-15 00:58, Anonymous wrote:
    Can anyone help on this?
    Is this not the same question as the one at:

    If so, did you try out Longre's EVAL?

    If it's not the same question, I'd suggest to have a look at that.

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