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Thread: Return a value "IF" a cell is a certian colour...

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    Good Day All,

    I am a beginner Excel user who has been assigned a daunting task.

    My spreadsheet will be used to calculate course cost per division (I have 5 divisions).

    I have colour codes cells to denote which division a student is with in A4:A30. I have entered a cost for the course in I14.

    In a cell I want to calculate how much each division owes based on the number of each coloured cell in the column multiplied by the course cost.

    Any simple ideas (I'll even take more advanced ideas as I feel I'm getting the hang of some oft his stuff).

    Thank you all so much for your consideration!

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    You could insert this function in a standard VBA-module.
    If you format a reference cell red this function will sim all red cells in an area.
    =colorsum(area, A1)

    Function ColorSum(rRange As Range, rColor As Range) As Double
    Dim rCell As Range
    Dim dSum As Variant
    dSum = 0
    For Each rCell In rRange
    If rCell.Interior.ColorIndex = rColor.Interior.ColorIndex Then
    If IsNumeric(rCell) Then dSum = dSum + rCell.Value
    End If
    Next rCell
    ColorSum = dSum
    End Function

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