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Thread: Chart Problem

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    I created a chart in my workbook, it has
    noly one series. Then I made a simple sub
    procedure to change the data
    in the series by feeding an array to
    SeriesCollection(1).Values. And I got run-
    time error 1004, depending on the array size
    and the data format. For example, using
    array size 10 and data like 1.11111111,
    everything is fine; but if I use array size
    100 and data like 1.11, I got run-time error.
    The following is the sub procedure. I am
    using EXCEL 2000 in Windows 2000.

    Sub test()
    Dim cht As Chart
    Dim Xdata() As String
    Dim data() As Double

    Dim average As Double
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim k As Integer
    Dim r As Range

    k = 100
    average = 1.11

    ReDim data(0 To k) As Double
    ReDim Xdata(0 To k) As String

    Set cht = ThisWorkbook.Charts("Chart1")

    For i = 0 To k
    Xdata(i) = "Point" & CStr(i + 1)
    data(i) = average

    Next i

    With cht
    '.SeriesCollection(1).XValues = Xdata
    .SeriesCollection(1).Values = data

    End With

    End Sub

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    Re boot and see if it clears!

    BTW leave off for 2 mins just in case Windows if grumpy.... See if that helps

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    Jack in the UK
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