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Thread: automated cursor movement

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    want cursor to go automaticly to top of the next column. 6 colums 10 rows. a10 or b10 data entered then it will go to c1...

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    You'll need to write some VBA code for this.
    Select Tools - Macro - Visual Basic Editor
    Make sure the Project Explorer is visible on the left (otherwise View - Project Explorer)
    In the Project Explorer, Open folder Microsoft Excel Objects under the workbook and double click on the sheet you want to behave as you described. A VBA window opens on the right side.
    In this window, select "Worksheet" in the left pulldown (on top, saying (General)) and select Change in the right pulldown.
    A "skeleton subroutine" appears in the window that looks like this:
    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)
    End Sub

    Now add the following code line between the two lines of code just mentioned:
    If Target.Row = 10 Then Target.Offset(-9, 1).Select

    Now go back to you excel sheet and try it out.


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