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Thread: Mystery Link - It's Driving Me Nuts!

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    I have a master workbook that is linked to 20+ other workbooks and for a year has worked great. All of the above workbooks are in a folder named for the month. Each month, I copy the prior month's folder and then change the name. I'll change any workbook names in the new folder, as well, if needed, i.e. they also have the month in the name.
    My dilemma is that just recently, when I open the master workbook and try to update the links, Excel is trying to find "Book 1". If I hit Cancel when the "File Not Found" dialog box opens, the other links update just fine. I have searched all of my workbooks, including the master, for a formula with a reference to "Book 1" with no avail. I've also checked the modules associated with the workbooks. Does anyone have any ideas?!?!


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    Check the range names. There is probably a named range which you once referred to that is still linked. There doesn't have to be a current formula reference to it. Excel will often keep the named range on the list.

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