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Thread: excel error: ojbect invoked has disconnected from its client

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    Default excel error: ojbect invoked has disconnected from its client


    I am having an issue with excel. I have a spreadsheet that runs a macro which calls another spreadsheet (a template) and starts filling that template with data from an oracle table. Finally the macro saves the template as another spreadsheet with the retrieved data in it.

    I invoke this process via a perl script and use a vbs script to launch excel and open the first workbook.

    When i run the perl script to start the process it opens excel with the first workbook, then calls the template workbook and starts refreshing the data (from oracle table using odbc). It refreshes data on about 6 of 8 sheets then i get this error:

    Run-time error '-2147417848 (80010108)':

    Automation error
    The object invoked has disconnected from its clients.

    Yet i can open up the template spreadsheet and manually refresh the data from the oracle table on every sheet without error.

    This process refreshes about 50 different workbooks. It always gives me the above error during refreshing of the first workbook.

    Wierd Note: I've run this process about 50 times....48 times it has failed on the first workbook. But 2 times, it processed thru about 35 workbooks...including ones that previously failed, then it fails with the same error. No changes were implemented during the 2 almost successful runs.

    - i've researched this error a bit, checked the mscal.ocx component, unqualified declarations, and odbc connectios and timeout...nothing seems to be fixing this issue.

    any help or knowledge about this issue would be greatly appreciated

    The box this is running on is windows 2003 enterprise edition sp 1 and excel 2003 sp 1

    Thank you,


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    Hi Todd, welcome to the Board!

    Came across this link in a Google search. Try the related answers in the thread and see if they help you.

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