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Thread: Hypelinks

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    Im trying to relate a hyperlink to a value returned earlier within a spreadsheet.

    i.e the person selects nokia 3330 and the hyperlink then lists the correct one for a nokia 3330.

    I can insert a hyperlink but I am having problems putting it within a formula without that formula becomming a text nightmare.

    I want a list of hyperlinks and the cell to pick the correct one based on the entry in another cell.


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    I wonder why I keep taking up these hyperlink questions, a rather nasty part in Excel.

    I'd suggest that you create 3-column list in some worksheet, consisting of indices or keywords, true URL's (addresses, not hyperlinks themselves) associated with them, and display names that you use to display the link.

    An example record in the 3-column list would be:

    {"Excel Questions","","MrExcel"}

    Lets say that you have an index or a key value for which you want to retieve a URL address, which must become a clickable hyperlink after it's fetched.

    You can use


    where A1 houses a keyword and URLList is the name that you give to the 3-column list via the Name Box on the Formula Bar.


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