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How to make a file size smaller

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    Default How to make a file size smaller

    Hi all,

    I have a large file I'm trying to make smaller. It is 68.6 MB. Not a ton of data; however, I have several pivots and graphs tied to the data. No formulas or vlookups in the data tabs.

    So - I went through and took out some cute little macros and icons that take the user from point a to point b etc. Stuff that isn't really necessary but nice to have.

    No change in file size.

    I scratched my head and thought, hmm, I should have seen "some" difference. So I took out a couple of tabs containing pivots and graphs.

    No change in file size.

    Now I'm stumped. What's going on here? I know in other softwear I've worked with there is a "pack and reindex" option. I can't seem to find anything in excel's "help" that can lead me to an answer.

    So - all you great excel gurus out there - can you take mercy on me and throw me an idea or two?


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    Welcome to the Board!

    Check out this link, especially the DeleteUnused code.

    Hope that helps,


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    You said you have pivot tables ?

    They are very heavy in terms of MB. In fact, for each new pivot with its own area, Excel duplicates the data. 1 file of 10 MB is thus basically 18 MB with a pivot table.

    What you can do is to cancel this :
    - Go on your pivot table
    - Right click
    - On the menu choose "Table Options"
    - On the bottom part of the dialog box, just below 'Data Source Options', unclick 'Save data with table layouts'
    - Save your file
    The size should go down dramatically.

    Just take care : after this, the pivot table will no longer be "linked" automatically with your data.
    To update it, you will need to right click on the pivot table and click "Update the data".
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