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    In Excel, I have a worksheet where the gridlines are not showing up. I'm not talking about cell borders (which I do not have any of in this worksheet). But I do want the normal light-grey lines to show up when the sheet is viewed on the screen, though no borders are supposed to actually print. In fact, only some of the gridlines are showing up, which really puzzles me.

    I went to:
    Tools --> Options
    View Tab
    Window Options category.
    The checkbox is clicked for Gridlines, and "Gridlines Color" is set to automatic. (I tried setting it to grey manually, but that only showed up with grey gridlines for the ones that are showing gridlines....but none for the others that aren't.)

    I don't understand how one sheet could have some cells with gridlines and some not. None of this affects how the sheet prints (whether it is checked or not), of course. People can print a copy with no problem, but it looks unprofessional in the soft copy.

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    The FILL color for those cells may be set to white. Try selecting the cells then /Format/Cells/Patterns/No Color.

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    Default Thanks!

    Thank you. That completely fixed the problem.

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    Default Re: Gridlines Not All Showing Up

    Solved my problem as well. Who would have ever thought of fill colour making the grid lines go away.

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