You have been asked to assume the administration of the Wednesday Night ˇ§pick-a-sport (pool/darts/bowling/spelling/whatever)ˇ¨ League. The league plays every Wednesday evening over an 11 week period. Each team plays games at ˇ§Homeˇ¨ and an equal number of ˇ§Awayˇ¨ games. There are 11 teams in the league.

„h Your first task is to circulate an individual schedule to each team.
„h The previous organizer has left you with a worksheet that lists the teams by name, the address at which their home games are played, a contact phone number, and a unique team number. (See Figure 1 Below.)
„h You need to devise a master schedule worksheet that will let each team play each other team once. (See Figure 2 Below)
„h Then you need to create a worksheet that will generate a customized schedule for any one team. (See Figure 3 Below)
„h This sheet will allow the user to enter the number of any team, and then displays the teamˇ¦s name and location at the top of the schedule.
„h Below that it will list the date, opponent, and status (Home or Away) for each game for the season.
„h For ˇ§Awayˇ¨ games it should also list the address at which the game will be played.