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Thread: Find specific cell using VBA

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    Default Find specific cell using VBA

    I have a table in Excel which has dates across the top and categories along the left. I am creating a form in which you can specify your category and date and enter some text in a text box and when you click ok, a macro will find the correct cell on the table (using the date and category values) and copy the text. Has anyone got any code that will do this?
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Find specific cell using VBA

    Someting like this..

    MyDate = DateValue("07/18/08")
    MyCat = "Category"

    x = Application.Match(MyCat,Range("A1:A1000"),0)
    y = Application.Match(Cdbl(MyDate),Range("A1:Z1"),0)

    MyResult = Cells(x,y).Value

    Hope that helps...
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