Maybe some could help with this problem. I was in the middle of ajusting some items on a usersheet on my project, when a message appeared that my system resources where low! I coundnt undo anything that I did because the program froze up. I exited the program without saving those last adjustments and now I cant reopen it. When I try to reopen, the screen just turns white, and freezes. Worst yet is the back up disk wont open either on my "D" drive. All my other excel programs open and are not affected. I rebooted the computer, but it still didnt open the program. I uninsalled microsoft 2000, then reinstalled it and still the program wont open including the back up disk!. I have no idea why this happend and what is really strange is the back up disk isnt working. The back up disk worked this morning with no problem.Please help???