has anyone ever gotten this error?

Run Time Error '104' macro 'wkbModel.wb_Activate' cannot be found

I've suddenly started getting it in many of my macro's that used to run flawlessly, that macro doesnt even exist in any of the files that are calling it.

I'm not even sure what these lines do and I feel like they might have been added to my macro? - the errors occur on these two lines

Application.Run "wkbModel.wb_Activate"
' Application.Run "GetToolbarButtonsStatus"

this is the whole macro at the moment very short and sweet it appears to work with these lines commented out.

Sub link()
Application.Run "wkbModel.wb_Activate"
Application.Run "GetToolbarButtonsStatus"
ActiveWorkbook.ChangeLink Name:="M:\table11.xls", NewName:="M:\table11.xls" _
, Type:=xlExcelLinks
End Sub