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Thread: User Prompt VBA

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    Hey, I Was wondering how it would be possible to prompt the user throgh adding a number in each cell they have to, so basically a message box appears, asking for the data. a bit like a swithcboard on access, something which guides the user trhough the cells they have to put information into, so they dont have to work out which one to select. i have invistigated input function, but the value entered into a box doesn't actually enter into the spreadhseet? could someone explain to me how to do this? hope i made it clear!!

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    Please help!!!

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    One way to do it would be to select the cells you want the user to be able to input to and change the property on them to unlocked. Then use data validation to create a drop down list for each of those cells with the possible inputs. Then protect the worksheet and the user should be able to tab only to the unlocked cells, select an item from the drop down list in that cell, then tab to the next cell.

    Hope this heads you in the right direction,


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    Hi. I think you're looking for something like this:

    Worksheets("Assumptions").Range("B7").Value = InputBox("How many bananas?, "[TITLE OF SCREEN]", "[DEFAULT VALUE")

    This gives you a dialogue box, prompting for a number of bananas. Enter any number, which then is "entered" into cell B7 on the Worksheet titled "Assumptions".

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