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Thread: Text Default in Cell

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    Hi guys....here is my question:

    I have a created a model, and in a certain cell (B4), I would like the text "Enter Value Here" to appear in order to direct the user. However, the user will then add a number, and I would like the text to disappear. When the number is deleted, I would like the text to re-appear. In other words, instead of the cell defaulting to empty, I would like it to default to showing the text I have described. Any help would be great ....thanks!

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    In B4 enter: =IF(LEN(C4),"","Enter Value Here")

    C4 is of course the cell where you enter a value.

    If you want the value to be entered in B4 itself, you'll need code in VBA.

    I leave the latter to the VBA army around here.

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