I'm using Excel 2007.
I have 2 files: http://rstr.us/e/stm-m.xlsm and http://rstr.us/e/stm-b.xlsm
The first contains links to the second, but using a different name.

When I open the first and go to SourceAttributes sheet,
I see in D22 a real link and the cell shows the linked cell's value, zero.
But in D24 I see:
which is the link converted into text.

Q1) How do these links get converted into text?

Q2) I bring up, from the Data "menu" set, the Edit Links window.
Why are "Change Source..." and 2 other button gray?

Q3) Say I write a macro to find and parse these links that should be text. Can someone write a macro (or point me to the docs for this) that would create a link to a cell given a filename, sheetname, row and column?
(Or perhaps I just select the cell, copy, then do a paste-link...)