I need help with custom and/or summary reports as well as code for non-adjacent cells

I would like to have a worksheet to hold data. The fields would run from A:Q.
Once data is entered in the initial worksheet, I would like certain fields from that data worksheet, to populate a second and a third worksheet. Those next two sheets would be formatted to produce a report and a pivot table.

I can do much of the formatting for sheets 2 and 3, but do not have the ability to write the necessary code to fill the 2nd and 3rd sheets.

The field headers in sheets 2/3 would mirror header in sheet 1.

I tried to search previous posts to get some direction for this, but could not figure out a successful term to ge the search to work.

I am reasonably confident this can be done, I'm just not experienced enough to do this.

Any help is appreciated.

This is response from Board Master 1:

A few questions:

- must you have sub sheets?
* do advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

- is it necessary to replicate the data?

- have your considered scenarios, hiding columns, pivot tables, data filters ...?
It may be easier to prepare the following from one main sheet of information
* prepare summary reports
* prepare custom reports
And my answer:
I am not sure I can answer your questions as I do not know what Summary Reports or Custom Reports are. They could be the answer. I tried to find out what they were in a search of MrExcel - no joy. I even went as far as M.S. Excel (shutter) Help. - no joy.
If I can learn to create the reports, and then just turn it over to the user that inputs data, and have her press a key and the report appears,that would work. However, if she has to do anything more, it will not work. (it is sort of like the blind leading the halt around here.)

Here is response from Board Master 2:
On the sheet you wish to enter your data, right click on the sheet name tab, select "view Code" and paste in this

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A2:Q2000")) Is Nothing Then
Sheets("Sheet2").Range(Target.Address) = Target
Sheets("Sheet3").Range(Target.Address) = Target
End If
End Sub

From now on whenever you enter any data on this sheet it within the range "A2:Q1000" it will be automatically mirrored on sheet2 and 3
My answer to Board Master 2:
The reason I wanted to use different worksheets was I assumed I could format the subsequent worksheets into the two reports I wanted.
Your code would work if I needed to use contiguous cells. Worksheet 2 might use A,B,C,F,H,& Q. Worksheet 3 might use A,B,C,D,E,G,I,K,J,L & M
That jumping around cells leaves me, and my Excel talent, out in the cold.