Hello all...
I know this can be done in Access, but I'd rather use Excel...
I have my own business and I'm using Excel to keep records...(I'm also using Quickbooks Premiere, but this is so I can e-mail this file to others who don't have QB)
I have a sheet tab for the following:
-Information (containing Info about the workbook and my business entity)
-Sales (showing orders)
-Expenses (showing any expenses incurred)
-Customers (list of customer names, addresses, etc)
-Vendors (list of my distributors)
Now, I have created a few column values so that I can organize the data easily...
namely the following:

In my calculations (functions or formulas) I want to be able to not only reference another tab (3d Reference - I know how to do this), but I also want to be able to associate the ID's between sheet tabs...
is there a way to do this?
for instance:
Under Customers tab, I have columns for Customer ID, name, address, state, etc...
under the Orders tab, I have to calculate state tax for my state (PA)...and I have columns for OrderID, CustomerID, VendorID, Amount, S&H, Tax, Total, and some other stuff...
Amount= base price (user input)
S&H= flat rate (user input)
Tax= IF statement, saying, if CustomerID's state is equal to "PA", calculate tax as 6%, if false, calculate it as 0%
Total= IF statement, saying if tax=0%, calculate Amount plus S&H, if its 6% (rather, not 0), to calculate the total as Amount plus S&H * 1.06

I also have a few other associations I'd like to make...but this is the easiest example to explain

can this be done? and if so how?