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Thread: SUMIF with variable Sum_Range

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    Default SUMIF with variable Sum_Range

    I am working on a spreadsheet that calculates the monthly price based on the number of active support criteria. Normally I would use a standard SUMIF function, however the column it uses for the sum range needs to be variable based on a criteria (month).

    A B C D
    Jan-09 Feb-09
    Server1 Basic 1 0
    Server2 High 1 1
    Server3 Basic 0 1

    So normally I would use SUMIF(B:B,"Basic",C:C), but now I need it to have the C:C variable based on on the month.

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    Default Re: SUMIF with variable Sum_Range

    Something like this:


    where dates are in C1:D1

    Adjust ranges to suit (don't use whole column references, use defined ranges)

    Also, you can replace "Jan" with a cell reference containing "Jan" without quotes, so that you can be more flexible.
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    Default Re: SUMIF with variable Sum_Range

    You could use SUMIF with an INDEX function for the range to sum, e.g.


    where P1 contains a date in the month you want to sum, C1:N1 contains the 1st of each month

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    Default Re: SUMIF with variable Sum_Range

    if column C is jan-09 and column D is feb-09; then it is still
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    Default Re: SUMIF with variable Sum_Range

    NBVC, thanks very much, I knew it should be possible with INDEX MATCH, but was not able to get it right. Works as a dream.

    Barry, I have tried the Sumproduct one as well, but could not get it to work (probably me).

    Thanks for you help,


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