On 2002-04-09 23:49, Aladin Akyurek wrote:
On 2002-04-09 21:05, Yogi Anand wrote:
Hi Shane and Mark:
Referring to Mark's compact solution in ...

If we wanted to make it still more compact, use


When L2=#N/A, N(L2) will return #N/A, so will the modified formula.The IF(ISNUMBER(I2),I2) is the only way to eliminate an error value L2 might come to have.

Hi Aladin:
You are right! N(L2) will be useful for Numeric and No-numeric values only.
This is why I had earlier suggested the use of the formula:
=sumif(L2:P2,"<>#N/A",L2:P2) ... if we are summing L2:P2, naturally it can be shortened to:

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