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    I have a 8 column sheet with in the first columns a text.The other 7 columns are filled with numbers.
    Some of this cells have an "interiorcolor".
    On a row some have three cells colored,other rows have 5 colored and so on.All different.
    Perhaps there are rows with SEVEN colored cells.
    What I want to do is to write a macro that jumps by the "enter" to every row who have SEVEN colored cells?
    Is this possible?
    Who can help me.
    Many thanks

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    Try the following:

    Dim RowColors(8)
    Dim SevenColors(100)
    Dim NumRow, r, c As Long
    NumRow = Intersect(Columns(1), ActiveSheet.UsedRange).Rows.Count
    For r = 1 To NumRow
    For c = 2 To 8
    RowColors(c - 2) = Cells(r, c).Interior.ColorIndex
    Next c
    If RowColors(0) <> RowColors(1) And RowColors(0) <> RowColors(2) And RowColors(0) <> RowColors(3) _
    And RowColors(0) <> RowColors(4) And RowColors(0) <> RowColors(5) And RowColors(0) <> RowColors(6) _
    And RowColors(1) <> RowColors(2) And RowColors(1) <> RowColors(3) And RowColors(1) <> RowColors(4) _
    And RowColors(1) <> RowColors(5) And RowColors(1) <> RowColors(6) And RowColors(2) <> RowColors(3) _
    And RowColors(2) <> RowColors(4) And RowColors(2) <> RowColors(5) And RowColors(2) <> RowColors(6) _
    And RowColors(3) <> RowColors(4) And RowColors(3) <> RowColors(5) And RowColors(3) <> RowColors(6) _
    And RowColors(4) <> RowColors(5) And RowColors(4) <> RowColors(6) And RowColors(5) <> RowColors(6) _
    And RowColors(0) <> RowColors(7) And RowColors(1) <> RowColors(7) And RowColors(2) <> RowColors(7) _
    And RowColors(3) <> RowColors(7) And RowColors(4) <> RowColors(7) And RowColors(5) <> RowColors(7) _
    And RowColors(6) <> RowColors(7) Then
    MsgBox "Row " & r & " has seven unique interior colors"
    End If
    Next r

    I know its not pretty, but I couldn't think of another way to do it.
    Best regards,
    Allan Chara

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