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    Evening Mr Moderator,

    If I'm on page 6 of this board, working my up through the messages, when I get to the top and go to click on page 5, it's fine, I get to page 5.

    However, if there's been new messages added to the board between my last refresh on page 6, they bump down all messages so that the ones that were at the bottom of page 5 are put on page 6

    this means that if I was on page 6 for say 20 minutes, I lose 5 or six messages between page 6 and page 5

    if, like me, you work up through the old pages, you need to refresh each page by the time you reach the top so you don't miss anything before moving on to the next page

    is this a) generally recognised ? b) being addressed ?


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    Hi Chris

    I like you rip this site to peices and track all my answers and that i ask, i never refresh, as i take hours working on a reply prior to post and YES i read every post and even save them in HTML, for later to use off line... to work on questions i only have time for some handful of answers sadly, but i garee this is painful

    I even notice that if the post has been added to it resets its self from read to unread colour and the drop down mean that the sheet becomes unread also. A PAIN as now i have to keep a spread sheet log of all the feeds to track them as read / posted / replyed / check all sorts its a time waster.

    Also the board stutters and so refreshes its self.>>>> ODD That ..

    I also have lost posts and some i find on other post un related weeks later???? ODD.

    This is all part of the level i go to on this board, to help and track posts, and a big part of why i requested MVP so i could highlight areas such as this in the good for all and the fact my area of posting is only me no one else really goes for that techi messy stuff, late few have but 15 years ive a good idea.

    I was declined..... so i have NIL input and the help i can offer this board is very small indeed , sadly..

    I agree this need addressing as i loose track a lot and then manulally imput the feed and search to find them, some are delete so they are lost.. what else can i do?

    No ones listening to me. Help i will if i can all i need is the oppertunity.

    If you can help a guy in trouble -
    If you can sort that nagging problem -
    Pease try, in home, atwork or on a message board.

    Sorry had to edit the board jumped and posted my comments,????

    Like i say im only intrested in helping Chris and ive no a think to prove to anyone, most people know me now so they should either have the same issues or know i or should i say we are stating how it is..

    All i can suggest as a fix is too have muilt sessions on this ULR open one you search on one you work through and one you reply on, this is what i do and NEVER refresh any of them the posting one will refresh *** posste and return to the board but will return to first sheet not the sheet you were on, eh! nice to return to where you were i feel.

    Also be careful the others will drop off so i have to cocopy the feed and search on my posting sheet... makes sence, and then i mover up a sheet and return back mopping up over spills and then up and down and so on so i do get caught or use the reading sheet top check no over spills..

    Make sence! like i say all fun.....

    All this to help as best i can... its worth it thou:

    If i did not care i would hardly have spent 20 minutes typing this and fully explaining i have 3 broken fingers and dreadful english..... typing hurts.

    Others help you!
    So PLEASE help if you can - If only the once.

    Thank you -


    [ This Message was edited by: Jack in the UK on 2002-04-10 14:54 ]

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