I have a sheet with two columns. One column has part numbers and the next column has the daily stock levels for the corresponding part number. I have a userform that has a column of labels and a column of textboxes.

My code sets the captions of the labels to the part numbers in the sheet.
UserForm4.Label1.Caption = Worksheets("buffers").Range("A2")

The user inputs the daily stock level for each part into the textbox and those values are put into the sheet.
Worksheets("buffers").Range("P2") = UserForm4.TextBox1.Value

I run into a problem when a new part number has to be added to the list. I have to manually go in and add a label and a textbox to the userform. Is there code that will see how many part numbers I have and then add the correct number of labels and textboxes to the userform?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,